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Don't miss our next free monthly seminar!

Don’t miss our next free seminar!

on MARCH, Wednesday 14th at 6 p.m. !

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Results of our first 100 Diabetic Patients!

1. Weight Loss 10.3% of body weight.

2. Hgb A1C from 6.9 to 6.3all patients off sulfonylureas. 20 patients on insulin: 12 discontinued insulin, 8reduced insulin.

3. Decrease in Blood Pressure: systolic 7.2 mmHg, diastolic 4.7 mmHg. All patients off diuretics

4. Cholesterol decreased11% Cholestrol/HDL ratio decreased 16%. Triglycerides decreased 47%. all patientsoff fibrates.

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Dr. Michael Laux
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Patient quotes

“I am actually losing weight”

“Supervision made the difference”

“Finally, something worked!!”

“This regimen gave me my life back!”

“Great results, great people and friendly environment”

“I appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness”

“The program is designed in a way that allows people to be successful”

“It works and there is one on one support”

Dr. Dietmar Gann & Elizabeth Gonzalez-Gann


In 2010, Dr. Dietmar Gann and his wife Elizabeth created the Diet of Hope. It is a balanced nutritious, low carbohydrate, portion controlled diet, that has proven to be very successful in treating obesity, diabetes, hypertension and other related conditions.

A native of Germany, Dr. Gann graduated with a degree in clinical medicine from the University of Tuebingen in Berlin with summa c** laude. He interned at Tucson Medical Center and had a Cardiology fellowship at the University of Miami. He spent 7 years at the University of Miami as associate professor in Cardiology. During this time he published more than 40 scientific articles. From 1979 to 2012 he practiced Cardiology in Tucson. Dr. Gann performed Tucson’s first angioplasty, the first dual-chamber pacemaker implant, the first aortic valvuloplasty, and the first medicated stents. He was the cofounder of the Tucson Heart Hospital. For the last 20 years, Dr. Gann has been interested in a dietary approach to treating heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. He performed a study with his own heart disease patients following an Atkins type diet and was successful in reducing most coronary risk factors. It was published in the American Journal of Cardiology.

Elizabeth Gann MBA BA CNC was named the National Minority Female Entrepreneur of the United States in 2005. She created a multi-million dollar company, JanCo Janitorial, which started with one part-time employee (herself). She has been recognized as the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Business Women of the Year. She has also received the YWCA Leadership Award, Ana Maria Arias Award and numerous other honors. Elizabeth became interested in nutrition when nearly all the adults in her extended family became diabetics. Her mother died from the complications of diabetes. For this reason, Elizabeth decided to study nutrition and became a Certified Nutrition Consultant.

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