Miracles continue

This is my first entry so let me give you a little background. I joined Diet of Hope the end of August my BMI was morbidly obese and my A1C was 11. The doctor had just put me on insulin shots and I was devastated and determined to get off insulin and get healthy. 3 days into the program I was able to control my blood sugar with just metformin- no shots. 6 weeks later I lost 29 pounds and my a1c went down to 7.9.
I visited my regular Doctor and since the 6 week program I have continued to follow it and I am now down 34 pounds. My heart rate dropped 20 beats per minute without any exersize (yet) .
Today is an awesome day

You want to know what is awesome? I am writing this from 10 k feet in the air and here is awesome-

No seat belt extension needed- armrest on both sides goes all the way down  and I am not even touching the person next to me and wait for it- wait for it. My tray table is fully down not resting on my stomach at a 90 degree angle.