Amy Humphrey

Amy Humphrey is a Doctor of Nursing Practice and Board Certified Family
Nurse Practitioner credentialed by the American Nurses Credentialing
Center. She began her nursing career in the Cardiovascular ICU in Tucson,
AZ where she worked for 6 years. Her clinical experience included being
part of the MOBI Team, caring for ECMO patients, Artificial Heart and
Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) patients, as well as open heart surgery and
heart and lung transplant patients. After caring for many patients lacking
preventative care, she was inspired to return to school in order to provide
preventative medical care to patients. As a former Wildcat, she returned to
the University of Arizona and completed her Masters in Nursing in 2015 with
an emphasis in Family Practice and her Doctorate in Nursing in 2016.

Amy has a passion for helping others take control of their health. She
continues to love learning as well as teaching. She enjoys developing a
partnership with patients in order to help them reach their goals.